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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator model AT-500N-1
AT-500N-1. Configured with one buret cassett (20mL), the AT-500N-1 potentiometric titrator is a workhorse for conducting everyday titrations including Total Acid Number (TAN), Bromine Number, Total Base Number (TBN), and Chlorides to name a few.
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AT-500N-1 Benefits and Features


End Point Detection Forms

KEM AT-500N-1 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

* Titration Control Modes: Blank, Auto Control, Auto- Intermittent or Continuous Intermittent
* Capable of Acid-Base, Redox, & Precipitation titrations
* Internal data storage: 100 samples
* Backlit LCD display (16 digits X 2 lines)
* 3 RS232C interfaces for Printer/Balance/Computer
* Small footprint conserves bench space, & casing is designed to direct spills away from electronics
* GLP/GMP conformity: Periodic inspection interval function with history, & single operator ID file
* CE-approved

- Components & parts included -

* AT-500N-1 main unit (w/single integral Buret drive)
* Stirrer base unit
* Combination pH electrode (w/detachable cable)
* Temperature compensation electrode
* Electrode holder
* Stir Bar, 25mm
* Piston removal tool
* Power cord & fuses
* Operation manual
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Standard Preamp Adaptor KSTD-510 $895.00
Polarization Preamp. Adaptor KPOT-510 $2,083.33
Filter (630nm) K430-5345 $592.59
Burette Unit (1mL) KAPB-510-01B $1,433.80
Burette Unit (5mL) KAPB-510-05B $836.37
Burette Unit (10mL) KAPB-510-10B $836.37
Burette Unit (20mL) KAPB-510-20B $836.37
Burette Unit (50mL) KAPB-510-50B $1,433.80
KEM At Win Software AT-Win Titration Software • Easy to navigate, user-friendly menus & operations. • Advanced data analysis, graphing, & report generation. • Manager-defined, user-tailored levels of security. • SOPs for any given titration can be integrated stepwise into a method, providing information or requiring operator input/acknowledgement at designated steps. This leads to proper & consistent technique between analysts, resulting in improved accuracy & precision of results.        
Titration Data Capture Software The titration data capture software, "SOFT-CAPe" provides the ability for measured titration results to be downloaded/transferred directly to Microsoft Excel workbook or stored in a CSV format $650.00
Propeller stirrer K430-0036 $740.74
Diffusion proof nozzle (degas tube/nozzle tip/joint) K430-0041 $177.78
Stirrer rotor 25mm (5 pcs/set) K500-3141S $55.93
PC connecting cable (9pin - 9pin) 1202012; PC connecting cable (9pin - 9pin) $108.50
Connecting cable for IDP Printer Connecting Cable K030-0004. Connects the printer to the titrator. $119.50
Stirrer cable (L=0.6M) K030-0006 $112.00
Connecting cable K030-3388 $88.89
Noise filter K313-6496 $29.88
Lithium battery (Memory back-up) K319-5178 $51.85
UL Power cord with adaptor K320-3124 $23.89
CR5120 tube(black) 12-001-9100-48 CRPT20 (Old part number K439-0056 CR5120 tube(black)) $128.70
Power cord K320-3461 $31.06
Power cord K320-4199 $57.35
See-saw switch K332-0017 $10.52
Sheet key K332-0024 $657.77
Metal connector (plug6p) K334-0001 $27.48
D-sub connector K334-0007 $6.69
BNC receptacle K334-0010 $15.53
Jack (2M) K334-5363 $16.73
CTPT20 tube(black)L=450, 12-00192-00 K12-00192-00 (K12-001-9200-48/Old Part Number K439-5189) $160.00
Piston head for 10 mL K551-5206 $168.00
Fuse holder K338-4184 $5.93
Tube fuse 3A (5pcs/set) for AC100/AC120V area K338-5028S $18.00
Inlet K338-5393 $13.15
Conversion connector K350-0001 $47.80
Switching regulator K403-0009 $203.13
Sensor board/MKS-510 K410-0001 $97.98
Micro sensor board/APB-410 K410-0002 $84.83
Cock sensor board K410-0003 $65.71
Unit sensor board K410-0004 $63.33
Preamplifier board/PTA-510 K411-0012 $227.02
Preamplifier board/POT-510 K411-0013 $262.87
Main board K412-0049A $1,911.72
Rear connector board K416-0004 $286.76
Surge absorber 1/SWB K429-0003 $65.71
Magnetic stirrer K430-0018 $1,182.87
AT-500N Version-up Kit for 2nd buret K430-0023A $2,748.11
Titration nozzle/STD (degas tube/nozzle tip/joint) Titration Nozzle with Standard tip $160.00
De-gas tube K12-00169-03 $122.00
Burette cylinder 5mL with piston head (transparent) K430-0047 $677.93
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