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WBGT wet bulb globe temperature Meter, Fahrenheit model

The WBGT103 wet bulb globe temperature meter is a very easy-to-use hand-held unit.  The process for determining the WBGT is described in ISO 7243.  The WBGT index was developed to reduce heat stress injuries.  The American Conference of Governmental Hygienists publishes threshold limit values (TLV's) that have been adopted by many governments for use in the workplace.

For an introduction and more helpful information about Heat Disorders and Health Effects, Guidlines, Sampling Methods, Control and Personal Protective Equipment go to the United States Department of Labor at:

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WBGT-103F User's Manual
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The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Meter (WBGT) is available for readouts in Fahrenheit (WBGT103F) or Celcius (WBGT103). The Heat Stress Checker WBGT-103/103F can be used to monitor environmental conditions. Understanding the conditions and then taking appropriate measures can help prevent heat related illnesses for individuals working in fields or while sporting!

  • 1.Read the WBGT index easily by hand-held metering.
  • 2.Display appears instantly when power is turned on.
  • 3.Display can be switched to temperature, relative humidity, and globe temperature.

In order to help prevent heat stroke the health organizations around the world have agreed to recommend to the public the measurement of the WBGT index. The WBGT index shows thermal conditions and indicates readings that can be associated with planned actions such as taking rest breaks and or drinking more water.

Heat Stroke Checker, Outdoor

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APPLICATION: WBGT measurement under thermally harsh conditions

MEASUREMENT OBJECTS: WBGT index, Ambient temperature, Relative humidity, Globe temperature

MEASURING RANGE: [WBGT; 32-122degreeF] [Temperature;32-122degreeF] [Relative humidity; 10-90% RH] [Globe temperature; 32-140degreeF]

PRECISION (under natural draft) [WBGT; +-3.0degreeF (59-95degreeF)] [Temperature; +-2.0degreeF (59-104degreeF)] [Relative humidity; +-5.0% (20-80%RH)] [Globe temperature; +-3.0degreeF (59-122degreeF)

STORAGE TEMPERATURE: 32-122degreeF (indoor)

POWER SOURCE: 1.5V alkaline AAA dry cell (two each)

DIMENSION: 240mm(L)x40mm(W)x32mm(D)

WEIGHT: 110g

ACCESSORIES (included):  Carry case (1ea), 1.5V alkaline AAA dry cell (2 ea), User's manual (1 copy)

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->When turning on WBGT unit under outdoor natural draft – including when switching “Indoor <=> Outdoor” mode –, read the indicated value in one to two minutes after confirming that it becomes stable. >Note that you should read the indicated value in about 20 seconds when turning on the unit (including switching “Indoor <=> Outdoor”) which keeps lying under outdoor natural draft for over five minutes.

->Under nearly calm indoor conditions, read the indicated value on WBGT unit after shaking the unit about five times and waiting for circa 10 sec.

->If the meter is not in use, keep it in a shadowy place without direct sunlight.

->If the unit is left under high heat more than 50degreeC for an extended period of time, the inside temperature will go up and the meter may be damaged. Do not leave the unit unused for many hours.  If strong radiated heat hits the unit directly, cover the case with aluminum foil, and expose only sensor unit.

->If the unit is left for measurement under high heat without breeze for many hours, the sensor casing accumulates radiated heat while relative humidity may go down. In such a case, shuffle the unit vigorously for ventilation.

->In order to avoid deterioration of humidity sensor when wet by dripping water from rain, turn off the power immediately if wet, and shuffle the sensor unit downward to drain off sticking drips, and wipe it off completely with dry cloth or use a dryer blowing cool air or leave it in a shadowy well breezing place.

->Never use the unit under organic gaseous atmosphere or high heat wave.

NOTE:  This equipment is not for medical use.  Possible heat stroke has to be cautioned by factors other than the WBGT index, including environmental conditions, individual physiological condition or biological condtions.  Heat stroke occurs more likely when the person has an experience of heat stroke in the past or the persons health condition is not well.  It is recommended to have an advanced health check by a medical doctor or at a medical facility equiped for proper evaluation.

For an introduction and more helpful information about Heat Disorders and Health Effects, Guidlines, Sampling Methods, Control and Personal Protective Equipment go to the United States Department of Labor at:

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