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Repair and Calibration Service Request Form

We will always keep your information private.

We service a wide variety of laboratory instruments. Our speciality is equipment produced by KEM (Koyoto Electronics Manufacturing),  CSC Scientific Company,  SEO (Surface Electro Optics) and Kyowa. 

Our work includes:

  • Annual service contracts (PM) which cover checking set up, thorough cleaning, calibration and replacement of faulty parts.
  • Calibration
  • Repair  

We include a wide range of equipment produced by several manufacturers

From KEM we service:

  • Karl Fischer Titrators -Models (MKS500, MKC501, MKC520, MKS520,  MKA520, MKA610, MKC610, MKC710 MKV710, Aquapal III)
  • Automatic Potentiometric Titrator (AT500N, AT510, AT610, AT710)
  • Accessory equipment including Karl Fischer Ovens and sample changers
  • Density Meters (DA640, DA645, DA650)
Included are DuNouy Ring and Wilhelmy Plate Tensiometers Manufactured by
  • CSC Scientific Company
  • SEO
  • Koywa
  • Fisher Scientific (Tensiomat 20 and 21)

An additional feature is our platinum department.

  • Repair DuNouy Rings
  • Fabricate and service Wilhelmy Plates & DuNouy Rings
  • Produce special surface tension measuring devices.

When you need Instrument Service and Repair call us at 703-876-4030 ext 1, email me (Hank) at hlevi@scientificgear.com or send us the form on the right side of this page



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