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Request a Quote

Please know that our policy is to keep your information completely private.

Sometimes asking for a quote is not just about the titrator.  You may have specific requirements or testing needs beyond the main unit that dictate the configuration. Tell us about it in the comments section so we can better prepare your quotation.

Things to consider and tell us about when requesting your quote: 

  • What are you testing (application, ASTM#, etc)?
  • Do you need a single or dual reagent configuration?
  • Do you require any special reagents?
  • Do you know if you need a volumetric or coulometric system?
  • Will you ever need or want to expand your system (add titrators)?
  • Do you need to use an evaporator (oil, solids, or high-heat evaporator)?
  • Do you want data output options like LAN connectivity?
  • Do you want any of the extra bells and whistles like a wireless touch-pad controller?

About our Karl Fischer Titrators

We offer the Kyoto Electronics Mfg (KEM) line of titration instruments as well as our own manufactured coulometric Karl Fischer titrator called the Aquapal III.  With about 15 years experience working with the KEM instruments we support the 500, 600 and now 700 series models.  The newest KEM 710 series offers 3 model levels: COULOMETRIC ENTRY MODEL (MKC-710B),  COULOMETRIC MID-RANGE MODEL (MKC-710S), COULOMETRIC FLAGSHIP MODEL (MKC-710M) / VOLUMETRIC ENTRY MODEL (MKV-710B),  VOLUMETRIC MID-RANGE MODEL (MKV-710S), VOLUMETRIC FLAGSHIP MODEL (MKV-710M)


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