Learn About These Common Methods Used to Measure Salt

  1. TITRATION; Salt (NaCl) in food (Mohr's method). Learn More
  2. NMR; Sodium (Na) or Salt (NaCl) in food. Learn More
  3. CONDUCTIVITY; Salinity levels in food. Learn More
  4. CONDUCTIVITY; Salinity in Sea Water. Learn More
  5. CONDUCTIVITY; Sodium Chloride (NaCl) in Water. Learn More

Find Out About The Ways We Test for Salt by Industry

  • Food producers have unique challenges and objectives.  Learn More
  • Salt in industry is everywhere including glass, rubber, cosmetics and more.
  • Salt used for Road Safety accounts for one of the largest single uses.
  • Salt is used to improve animal dietary needs and improve crops plant yields.
  • Salt deposits removed to soften water helps efficiency in other ways.
  • Salt in Food
    green beans and carrots