Measuring Salinity in Sea Water

Salinity is the dissolved salt content or "saltiness" of a body of water.  Salinity of sea water can be measured in parts per thousand () or (ppt) which is approximately grams of salt per kilogram of solution.  Average ocean salinity is 35ppt as compared with freshwater salinity of about .5ppt  and less.  It's probably worth mentioning that water that is not sea waterconsidered fresh water (lower ppt level) and not considered Ocean or Seawater (high ppt) is referred to as "brackish water" (.5ppt to about 18ppt).

Digital Salt Meter PAL-06S

The PAL-06S measures the salinity in sea water in parts per thousand (ppt).  With sea water being the vast majority of the earth's water resource it is very easy to find needs for testing.  The unit features:

  • Calibration with only waterDigital Salt Meter
  • Measurement in 3 seconds
  • Extremely water resistant (IP65)
  • Light & compact
  • Designed for one-hand operation
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation