The Digital Salt Meter ES-421 measures salinity levels using the conductivity method

There are numerous examples of home experiments where gathering batteries, volt meters, wires, copper electrodes and teaspoons have demonstrated tdescribe the imagehe presence of a higher or lower conductivity (electrical current) in liquid.  To be sure these are fun experiements to try at home or school.  In the working environment however where production and Quality Control are critical there are better tools available.  Digital Salt Meters are designed to delivery accuracy and better resolution of conductivity results in samples quickly.  The ATAGO ES-421 indicates salt % of a sample in digits just by filling up the funnel-shaped sensor section with a small amount of sample (1.0ml approx.) and pressing the Start/Off switch.

Have you ever wondered how to prepare your sample for testing?

Listen to our Salt Testing Podcast

In this podcast we interview a representative from ATAGO and go into detail and discuss some of the issues surrounding salt testing.  Why is it important to test for salt? Which method should we use?  How should we test for salt? Please listen in and let us know if this discussion was helpful.  Also, let us know what other topics you would like us to discuss.
Hank Levi