Sodium Chloride (NaCl) in Water Measurement

Measure the concentration of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) in a solution that contains only water and NaCl. Dissolved salt in water or the concentration is the amount (by weight) of salt in water.  Finding the concentration this way is very common because of the simplicity and universal application of water. Water is found and used for many reasons and knowingNaCl in Water the sodium Chloride (NaCl) concentration can be important to understanding other issues. 


PAL-03S Digital Salt Refractometer

The PAL-03S is a digital refractometer that measures the Sodium Chloride concentration in water.  Reasons to choose:

  • Digital Displaydigital Salt Refractometer
  • Calibration with only water
  • Can rinse under running water
  • Measurement time is only 3 seconds
  • Measures indoors and outdoors
  • Includes temperature display