WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature)

This year the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) implemented updated guidlines for how activities will be performed under certain Heat and Humidity conditions.  These heat policies describe actions that should be taken given a particular heat condition. 

The new policy follows modified guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine in regard to:

  • Scheduling of practices at various heat/humidity levels
  • Ratio of workout time to time allotted for rest and hydration at various heat/humidity levels
  • The heat/humidity level that will result in practice being terminated

The GHSA WBGT Index approved for school year 2012-2013:

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The WBGT stands for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature and is calculated using a formula that takes into account air temperature, speed of air movement, radiant heat from hot objects, sunshine, and body cooling due to sweat evaporation.


The WBGT can be monitored continuously with hand-held WBGT meters that can be used by coaches and staff on the practice field or inside training facilities.


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Scientificgear LLC is located in Fairfax Virginia and has worked with WBGT applications for approximately 10 years.  We hope this information will help coaches, trainers and staff gain a better understanding of the WBGT Index and how it is used. 

For more information you can access the complete GHSA practice policy by going to the GHSA website: http://www.ghsa.net/practice-policy-heat-and-humidity