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  •  WirelessTouch Panel Controller
  • Multi-instrument Connection Capabilities
  • Small Footprint Design
  • Smart Electrodes
  • Smart Burettes with IC Chip
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AT-710M The Flagship Model

4-channel multi connection/ High extensibility with LAN Connectivity and a wireless or wired controller

Learn more about 710M >


AT-710S Midrange Model

Easy operation with touch panel wireless or wired controller.

Learn More about 710S >


AT-710B Basic Model

Simple model can still accommodate 2 burette drives making this a powerful titrator.

Learn More about 710B >


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All Models come with a CD containing Application software  for setting up methods on a PC and then transferring them to the titrator via a USB thumb drive.

Click here to view a list of pre-installed ASTM Methods for Petroleum, and Food industry titrations

Scientific*Gear supports the full line of  KEM automatic titrators, including the 500, 600, and 700 series models.

We have electrodes and accessories to fit your application.

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