<img src="https://secure.leadforensics.com/124134.png" style="display:none;"> KEM touch panel controlled Automatic titrator for acid base, redox and photometric titrations.
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  • Controller can simultaneously control up to 4 units.
  • Maximum portability through BlueTooth
  • Touchscreen for ease of use
  • LAN connection
  • 2 levels of permissions and passwords can be set for Administrators and operators
  • Smart Burettes and Electrodes
  • Monitor temperature during titration
  • Two different potentials can be simultaneously recorded
  • Titration results are provided in PDF and stored in USB Flash memory   
  •  here.


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Multi-Channel Portable Touch Panel

Controller Allows you to connect to 4 units, including Karl Fischer as well as Automatic titrators. Easy to use and maintain contact while performing other tasks.


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feature2-smallLAN Connection

Allows the user to control instruments or acquire measured data using a browser. Optional software is available but not required to use the browser. 


feature3-smallCompact Design

Burette design is more compact than before and has the ability to hold two burettes withough increasing any space on the bench .  The installed burette has a 1/20,000 resolution.

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AT-710 Model Comparison Chart

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