aquapal_iii.jpgAquapal III Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

The Aquapal III coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator is a simple to use, operator friendly, moisture testing instrument.  Manufactured and supported here in the USA for more than 30 years this rugged instrument has served in many industries including power utilites, transformer testing, petroleum pipeline, pharmaceutical and various other chemical related application testing environments. 

The Aquapal III is an all-in-one unit with a built in printer and titration cell mounted on the instrument.  An optional rugged carry case makes this unit portable and easy to move from project to project.

  •  Method: Coulometric Karl Fischer                                                               
  • Speed: 2mg/minute
  • Range: 1ppm to 100%
  • Sensitivity: 0.1ug
  • Precision: 0.5% at 1mg
  • Calculation: Weight, Volume or Dilution
  • Construction: Lab or Field use
  • Dimensions: 14" W x 8" D x 10.8" H
  • Drift Correction: Automatic
  • Result format: PPM / % / ug
  • Display: 32 character alphanumeric LCD
  • Printer: built-in with standard paper
  • Weight: 15lbs



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Aquapal III Operating Manual

Hank Levi

The Aquapal III is a nice unit for getting those low-level moisture results.  The instrument is easy-to-use and works well in all types of environmental conditions like laboratories, flight lines, in the field, you name it.  The Aquapal III is manufactured and supported in the USA.