A consistometer is a long trough separated near one end by a spring-loaded gate. The normal way to use the Consistometer is to measure the distance a sample flows in a given time interval. To use the consistometer, you fill the gated section to the brim with your sample, then release the gate and time how long it takes the liquid to spread to a pre-determined notch on the trough. In effect, what you are doing is measuring the flow rate of your sample when no external force is acting on it.

The Bostwick Consistometer is the preferred choice for measuring consistency and flow rate in a variety of products. You can use the "Bostwick" on any viscous material such as sauces, salad dressings, paints, chemicals or cosmetics. The Bostwick Consistometer offers many attractive features - quick test time, easy-to-use with little training required, and offers the freedom to set your own standards. It's great for simple QA testing. However, the consistometer is not appropriate for all liquids. The "Bostwick" Consistometer is built for ease of operation and heavy duty use.

  • The unit is made from stainless steel which resists corrosion.
  • To clean it after a test, simply wash it out with water.
  • The spring-loaded gate makes the start of a test instantaneous and precise.
  • The leveling screws and spirit level insure proper set-up.