da130n_1.jpgThe DA-130N portable density/specific gravity meter is ideal for obtaining liquid property information on-site quickly.

Typical applications include:

  • Density measurement of crude oil, fuel oil and lubricant oil.
  • Oscillation method is specified in ASTM D 7777.
  • Density or Brix measurement of various beverages such as milk, soft drink, fruit drink, etc.
  • Measurement of alcohol or extract concentration of beer, whisky, wine, shochu(Japanese distilled alcohol), Japanese sake(fermented alcohol), etc.
  • Measurement of Brix or constituent concentration of food materials for quality control purposes.
  • Density or Specific Gravity measurement of oils and fats such as vegetable oilanimal fat and oil, etc.
  • Conforming to Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
  • Concentration check of etching solution or acid pickling solution for electronic parts.
  • Concentration check of flux or plating solution.
  • Learn about 5 ways we use liquid density information.


Suctioning and draining can be done with your thumb and forefinger.  Once you stop pressing, operation will stop.  Measurement can easily be done with your thumb, enhancing efficiency of your work.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.54.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.54.55 AM.png


  1. Backlit display enables you to perform measurement in a dark place.
  2. Clock function equipped.
  3. ID code can be entered.
  4. Sampling volume and speed can easily be adjusted in one hand.(Patent No. 3330580)
  5. It does not matter which hand you use to operate. Status of measuring cell can be monitored even while measurement is going on.
  6. Lightweight and fatigue-free design.
  7. Capable of measuring samples of up to 2,000mPa·s of viscosity.
  8. Display Items : Density, temp-compensated density, SG, temp-compensated SG, Brix%, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree, etc.
  9. Graphic LCD shows not only measurement results but also temperature(° C/° F), sample No., auto determination of oscillation stability, auto save/auto output/deletion of data, battery level, etc.
  10. Battery life doubled compared with conventional model. Much longer operating time.
  11. Measurement time and operator name can be printed out.