DA-800 Brochure

The DA-800 series density meters are now being introduced in the 4th quarter of 2021!  The new bench top density meters; DA-840, DA-850, and DA-860 are completely redesigned.


DA-8XX Density Meter Image
  • Configuration for the measuring unit and the operation of the density meter is now separated.
  • New built-in camera for bubble checking
  • 21 CFR part 11 support
  • 5 types of pump units are available
  • Multiple and simultaneous measurements can be performed
  • 30 position (vial) auto sample available

DA-8xx with tablet computer

Density Autosampler - Load Up to 30 Tests at a Time

Increase Density Testing through put by adding the AS8030  autosampler.  Notice the space-saving design where the DA-840/50/60 sits on the autosampler consolidating into a single footprint.

 AS8030 autosampler front view  AS8030 autosampler side view


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DA-800 Brochure

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Internal Camera!

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DA-800 Brochure

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DA-800 Brochure

JCSS-accredited Density Standards.  

In addition to the manufacture of Density and Specific Gravity measurement systems, KEM produces JCSS Accredited  Liquid Density  Standards.  

Liquid Density Standards.png

Part name Part # g/cm3 at 20°C mL/bottle Remarks
Pure Water 12-02708-01 0.99821 10 2 bottles/ set
Isooctane 12-03288-01 0.691 10 Pure water & Isooctane/1 btl ea
Dichlorotoluene 12-03289-01 1.249 10 Pure water & Dichlorotoluene/1 btl ea
Bromobenzene 12-03290-01 1.494 10 Water & Bromobenzene/1 btl ea
Part name Part # g/cm3 at 15°C mL/bottle Remarks
5% ethanol 12-03536-30 0.991 20 3 bottles/ set
10% ethanol 12-03536-31 0.985 20 3 bottles/ set
15% ethanol 12-03536-32 0.980 20 3 bottles/ set
20% ethanol 12-03536-33 0.975 20 3 bottles/ set


Proven Workhorse of Density/Specific Gravity Meters

The KEM DA-100 Series density/specific gravity meter.  This density instrument  has a built-in thermostat for stable temperature control during the test process.

DA-100 Density Meter.png

Accuracy of measurement is ±0.001g/cm3 by measuring resonant frequency.

DA-100 Operating Charateristics

  • Temperature can be selected in the range from 15 deg. C to 40 deg. C by 0.1 deg. C step. Also setting in deg.F(59°F ~104°F, 1°F step)is available.
  • Can convert density/specific gravity to concentration value and display the result. Conversion Equation is linear and display is in 12 different units. It enables more efficient and effective routine measurement than conventional measurement with hydrometer for API degree. Baume degree and others.
  • Can output data of density, specific gravity, concentration values, date and time, etc through RS-232C and can be connected to an external computer or an optional printer. (External computer and printer cannot be connected at the same time.)
  • Parameter setting and operating is designed user-friendly, easy to use, being guided by dialogue message on display.
  • Purge pump is equipped as standard to desiccate the measuring cell.
  • Easy factor calibration of measuring cell can be performed using air and pure water. No complicated calculation is required.

Auto Sampling and Printer Options

  • Auto Sampling Unit.  The built-in sampling pump controls sampling, draining the sample, and rinsing and drying.
  • Printer

Test Density On-site With A Portable Gravity Meter 

The DA-130N portable density/specific gravity meter is ideal for obtaining liquid property information on-site quickly.da130n_1.jpg

Typical applications include:

  • Density measurement of crude oil, fuel oil and lubricant oil.
  • Oscillation method is specified in ASTM D 7777.
  • Density or Brix measurement of various beverages such as milk, soft drink, fruit drink, etc.
  • Measurement of alcohol or extract concentration of beer, whisky, wine, shochu(Japanese distilled alcohol), Japanese sake(fermented alcohol), etc.
  • Measurement of Brix or constituent concentration of food materials for quality control purposes.
  • Density or Specific Gravity measurement of oils and fats such as vegetable oilanimal fat and oil, etc.
  • Conforming to Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
  • Concentration check of etching solution or acid pickling solution for electronic parts.
  • Concentration check of flux or plating solution.
  • Learn about 5 ways we use liquid density information.


Suctioning and draining can be done with your thumb and forefinger.  Once you stop pressing, operation will stop.  Measurement can easily be done with your thumb, enhancing efficiency of your work.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.54.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.54.55 AM.png


  1. Backlit display enables you to perform measurement in a dark place.
  2. Clock function equipped.
  3. ID code can be entered.
  4. Sampling volume and speed can easily be adjusted in one hand.(Patent No. 3330580)
  5. It does not matter which hand you use to operate. Status of measuring cell can be monitored even while measurement is going on.
  6. Lightweight and fatigue-free design.
  7. Capable of measuring samples of up to 2,000mPa·s of viscosity.
  8. Display Items : Density, temp-compensated density, SG, temp-compensated SG, Brix%, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree, etc.
  9. Graphic LCD shows not only measurement results but also temperature(° C/° F), sample No., auto determination of oscillation stability, auto save/auto output/deletion of data, battery level, etc.
  10. Battery life doubled compared with conventional model. Much longer operating time.
  11. Measurement time and operator name can be printed out.

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