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Surface Tension of drinking water, human consumption & health

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 @ 02:46 PM

BBA 071 1542220We all know that surface tension affects our daily lives thru everyday applications like the ink you use in a pen, detergents for washing clothes, soap to clean your hands, paint for the house, just to name a few.  But Surface tension is more involved in your life than you may think.

Tap water is usually around 72 to 73 dynes/cm.  This can vary by temperature and other variables but for the sake of this blog post we will assume 73 dynes/cm.  Now this is where it gets interesting.  At 73 dynes/cm water will hydrate you.  Or does it?  You see, It is known that on a cellular level your body has to convert fluids to 45 dynes/cm to allow the water to penetrate the human cells.  Once water penetrates the cells it can hydrate and remove toxins from the cells.   If water cannot effectively penetrate human cells an accumulation can build up and over time cause the cells to die.  Amazingly, I have seen places around the world where people claim to have special water.  They claim their water has a lower surface tension and less colloidal minerals.  You knew this was coming..Yes, these same people have demonstrated good health as they easily live to be 100 years old!  And yes, they attribute this to their water.

Not surprisingly, I see web sites now that sell supplements to lower the surface tension of  water to improve your health.

Fact or Fiction you ask?
I think I am going to order some of these supplements and check it myself with a digital tensiometer!  As they say the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case the surface tension!

Stay tuned.  I will update my findings and how I did.

Thank You,

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