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Total Base Number (TBN), ASTMD2896-21, ASTMD4739-17 - WEBINAR SERIES

By Hank Levi on Fri, Apr 28, 2023 @ 02:56 PM

If you want to know more about Total Base Number (TBN) then this is for you.  In this webinar we cover both of the popular ASTM methods, ASTM D2896-21 and ASTM D4739-17.  This is a great training webinar for those who are just learning about it and for those seasoned pros who need a little refresher training.

We will do our best to answer:

  • What is TBN (Total Base Number)?
  • Why do we test for TBN (Total Base Number)?
  • How do we test for TBN (Total Base Number)?
  • How to setup the titration application on an automatic titrator
  • Common problems to avoid
  • Best practices you should follow

This is an on-demand webinar where you will be able to download information as well as the presentation.  You can communicate with us in real time via email while you watch the webinar.  The webinar is about 45 minutes long and even has a short quiz at the end.


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