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Can a Karl Fischer Titrator measure moisture in a solid sample?

Thu, Sep 15, 2011 @ 10:33 AM

YES IT CAN!Karl Fischer Titrator

You can measure moisture in solid samples including plastics, powders, ores, gooey substances that are thick and viscous, greases, and many more.  The key is sample preparation to ensure that a uniform material will be tested.  Once those details are worked out the pattern for testing is the same every time. 

You hear a lot about people running traditional Karl Fischer titration using direct injection with a syringe and needle. That’s pretty easy. 

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So how do you test for moisture in solids?

For more awkward samples like a solid or solid-like substance we can evaluate the moisture using a Karl Fischer Titrator with an Evaporator Oven.ADP611 Solids Evaporator for Karl Fischer Titration

Believe it or not that’s pretty easy too. I guess that’s why we wrote this post. We wanted to let readers know that the process for running a Karl Fischer moisture test using an evaporator oven is not that difficult.  As mentioned already the most difficult part is probably working with your sample. To help show how the process works we created this short 7 minute video detailing the steps along the way. Please make note that the instruments used for this demonstration are the Karl Fischer Titrator (MKC-610DT) and the Evaporator Oven (ADP-611).

Hope you enjoy.

In the video below we show the 600 series Karl Fischer Titrator.  Today we have additional models like the MKC-710 series that work with the ADP-611 solids evaporator.

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